Shit Happens. Even on your birthday

Today is my birthday.

It’s not yet lunchtime and it’s already been a fun filled day …. SO much has happened that I just have to give you a My Day So Far account!

It started at 2.30 this morning, with the clumping of little feet into our bedroom, followed by some doona removing and cold feet places randomly on various parts of both my and hubby’s bodies. I had a moment of pondering how such two teensy little feet can cover so much body …

From there on in it was a wakeup up within every hour, sometimes two, until I opted to get out of bed when the coffee machine said “beep beep beep”. This is its way of telling me, nicely, “your coffee is ready”. I will go and speak to it. It appears to be the only one to care its my birthday so far.

I lie. Grumpy did say “Happy birthday, darling” but that was before I had coffee, so that doesn’t count, right? I mean, in fairness, all I can do on less than four hours sleep when someone says anything to me, good, bad or otherwise is “grumble”.

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  1. hehe I have been known to throw out the occasional item of fermented, poo-encrusted clothing. If it doesn’t come off after a spray down the back of the yard with the hose it’s NOT going near my washing machine!

    They only do it cuz they LOVE you 😉 x

  2. I quit using cloth nappies recently, because I kept leaving them in the bucket for too long. The laundry gets lovely and hot, and the nappies aren’t in a water solution, so they grow lovely mould fur. CHUCK.
    I did my time in poo land, 2 kids in cloth, and now that #2 is potty training I’m over it. Bring out the sposies.

  3. …hehehe.

    oooh the anticipation must be killing you.

    Watch your post box Monday 😉
    (shuttup of course it’s not arriving on time, I refuse to conform to this ‘day of birth’ crap….I hearby dub the rest of september ‘Mad Cow Week’ xxx

  4. Happy Birthday! really enjoyed this blog and it’s been a saving grace for me. i’ve been looking online under topics such as ‘help for mums’ ’emotional support for mums’ ‘mental health for mums’ and am delighted to have received all the help I needed tonight by the laughter generated from reading your blog. I forced my husband to hear me read the whole blog to him, because it made me so amused to hear it again and out loud.
    thank you! Victoria

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