Shopping with the …um … kids

We had one of those moments after school where things not only didn’t conflict, but worked out remarkably well!

Hurrah! For it is but a rare occasion when two things meld so remarkably.

We had to kill a bit of time after school, and Grumpy Pants needed a few things down the street, near K-mart, where the kids had been hanging to go to again since we moved.

Note to self: Take children out more often and broaden their horizons and give them some sort of culture in their lives …

So we went down the street, to the shops near K-mart, and had time to kill so the kids were afforded the luxury of wandering through and being taunted and told “No, we’re not buying anything” and feeling like they had been born to the World’s Most Horrible Parents. It was win-win-win all round!

Grumpy Pants is never a fan of shopping outside of the exact thing he is looking for (which he’d just procured). Anything – looking, browsing, touching, researching – is not tolerated.

So we walk in the main entrance, we’re confronted with a vast array of all things Christmas and the older two children vanish into the

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