Siblings, Sameness, A Room of Their Own and Parenting Conundrums

The moving around of offspring in regard to sleeping arrangements has been one of those things that as produced great calm, yet at the same time, great distress.

The older two, sharing somewhat similar stages of puberty have forged some sort of conciliatory bond. It is, for the most part, lovely to see.

Except when Stupid infiltrates their minds, then all manner of annoyance breaks loose.

The littlest one had a few moments of being at the brunt of the Stupid exhibited by the older two. Needless to say, it got to him and he felt he had no alternative but to do something about it.

Unfortunately, this put me in a compromising position where I was, on the one hand, seen to be facilitating and encouraging sibling disharmony, and on the other, strongly encouraging his writing; from the actual fine motor control and letter formation, to having him sounding out words.

I never really know which way to go in these cases.

Still, he spent quite some time, focussed on the task of writing, attempting to sound out the words and form coherent sentences.

Indeed, there were also references to “stinky brothers” which put me in another compromising position, given he was being very honest, yet, well, not very nice, really.

Mostly, he was just proud of himself for the signs he created.

Keep Out Brothers

And I was impressed with his focus, determination, work ethic and for standing up for himself.

They do say the pen is mightier than the sword, right?

If only Brothers Inflicted With Annoying Stupid could read when the moment called for it.

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