Since when and why do the rules keep changing

Since when doe sthe tooth fairy leave notes???

What does she (or he, we still could not decide) have to write about.

“But sometimes he or she does leave a note” came the sad little voice.

The voice which, only moments before, had been ecstatic because there was $2 whence once his tooth had been.

“Ok” says the Mummy resignedly, “maybe go show Daddy and we’ll have a look to see if one was left.

“Oh, and by the way, was it a boy or girl fairy who took your tooth?”

Further discssion about the mecahnisms of tooth fairyism and sent him off to be excited elsewhere.

While I snuck into office and whipped up a quick note.

Signed “Tooth Fiary Glenys”

Apparently this was correct and I now have to go an buy blu tack to stick it on the wall in his room.

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