Sleep in? What sleep in? I think I'll go get some Good Food and Wine …

Attempted a sleep in.

Not sure why I bother becuase its a saga in itself.

It basically commences three weeks earlier with subtle hints to Grumpy Pants that I’m in soooo desperate a need for a bit of extra sleep. Followed for the subsequent couple of days (or weekends at least) where I poke him in the back and say “get up now” or “your turn” or similar.

This is then followed by days of increasing grumpiness (on my part) and, finally a complete meltdown, tears and all, and a “Please, please, please just let me sleep in tomorrow morning”.

Come tomorrow morning, I remind him of my dire need for repose and he assures me I will get it and repeats several times “Yeah, I’ll get up in a minute” and by the time that “minute” is up some hour and a half later, I’m wide awake, have a baby crawling all over me and pulling my hair and left nipple, and putting pointy knee and elbow joints in hurty places, my mind is going nuts, I start to think about what work needs doing and that’s the end of it.

I get up to the “It’s ok, stay in bed, I’m getting up now” comment.


So we’re both up, we’ve had our coffee and we decide, being a public holiday, we should go do something we will all enjoy. The Good Food and Wine Show.

Off we go, catching the train in with everyone complaining about the cold, locate toilets – very important – then in we go … Monkey Boy stuffing handfuls of various samples (and sometimes not samples) in his mouth as we go along, and striking up conversation with all the stall holders, charming them and getting more food out of them.

Fortunately, the entry to the wine tasting area wasn’t far past the start and we headed in there for some respite. Or at least some stress relief. Sadly, not one wine company could grasp the fact that, for parents of three young boys, a “taste” was, in fact, “fill the glass to the top”. Spoil sports.

We braved the rest of the food area again, kids filling up on everything, freaking exhibitors out by actually eating their spicy wares and conning people out of sample bags of chips.

After consuming ever possible sample on display, and standing around till Monkey Boy got a glipse of Gordon Ramsay (and a good glimpse at that!), his idol, we left.

And what do we hear as soon as we pass the Exit sign?

“I’m hungry!”


The only reason we spent so long there was so we didn’t have to feed them dinner!


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