Sleeping Aids and Stress Relief

After a week of bugger all sleep and zero opportunity to “rest” – although I did give it my best shot, by yesterday afternoon, I was fuggered.

I’d just come home from a rather productive meeting, which had followed the first basketball game of the year, and sat. Just for second. It was all I was afforded.

I calmy explained increased levels of stabbiness should all other family members not piss off and give me 20 seconds to myself, and could we please, please refrain from using my boobs as jumping bags. Please?

Needless to say, by 6.30 I was near on falling asleep on the couch and levels of grumpiness were approaching homicidal. Given the week’s foregiving nature when it came to my sleep; snoring, buzzing mind, waking children, hot nights,

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  1. oh Hun! I sympathize wholly! We have taken to putting the old cot matress in the floor so I can get a good nights sleep! Little Miss Chainsaw has recently started climbing into the bottom of the bed and the throughout the night she slowly tries to (from what I can ascertain from my frightful wake from slumber) climb back up from where she once came – I just about needed therapy the first time I awoke to that!

    Either that or put a lock on the bedroom door!

    Hope you get some sleep soon!

  2. Lordy me. I think I’ll stick with prologned sleep deprivation and being kicked in the head and kneed in the face than having a head up me whatsit!

    I have had the occasional “kick in the twat whilst sleeping” and that’s bad enough!

    I hope I get some sleep soon, too. Otherwise, I may go completely nuts.


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