Slow, then quick, then ouch!

The day has d r a g g e d.

Really, really s – l – o – w.

Course, there was the usual running around; school, gymnastics, kinder. Not to mention all the feeds in between. Just felt like the wait for the next event to come around took forever. And the feeds. Urgh! How slow and boring could they be?

I got the kids to everything on time, got home, had 2 bananas, 6 chocolate teddy bear biscuits and 2 cheese sticks for lunch (note to self: do grocery shopping at some point) whilst feeding (again) and sat down at my computer to do something enjoyable.

At which point, one hour and 57 minutes miraculously vanished into thin air. I swear I was only online for 3 minutes when I looked at the clock and did the “Sh!t! School pickup NOW. Argh!”, signed off, grabbed Chippie, buckled him in and took off.

Pleased that I had not only arrived at school, on time, but did so with baby spew running down the back of my bright green shirt. And had to go do kinder pickup before

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