Snot heads pass it on


They’ve given it to me. Not so much the snot head, but the revolting cough that goes along with it.


They didn’t bloody pass on the loud, bouncy part though. Noooooo. They’re still bouncing around being loud whilst coughing and spluttering and whiping noses on t-shirts …

(“No, I didn’t, I used a tissue!” “What’s that then, there?” “That wasn’t me!” Hmmm, I don’t wanna even think about why there would be anyone elses snot on their shirts… ick!)

… and I’m coughing up revolting stuff, have a headache and want to lie around eating chocolate and watching trashy chick flicks. Actually, don’t even feel like the chocolate.

I wonder if I should take them to the doctor – so he can tell them that Mummy must rest and is not allowed to leave the house?

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