So … back to reality

Wake up with smallest child in bed with us. Not sure how or when that happened, but have vague recollection of needing to do some feed at some ungodly hour.

But nothing more than a vague recollection.

Set about doing 496 loads of washing (apparently, our ‘helpers’ during my time in hospital had restrictions on how much ‘help’ they were to provide. But that’s ok, at least the kids didn’t have to fend entirely for themselves) whilst sleep deprived and in between the feeding “routine” that was allegedly established in hospital.

Fell asleep on couch, again, only to be woken by more vistoris wanting to see the baby.


If only I wasn’t so sleep deprived and had my wits about me, I’d have thunk enough to charge an admission fee for the apparent exhibition currently showing in our front room.

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    especially ones that just turn up when they damn well feel like. WTF is with that?

    i used to put a sign on our doorbell saying, “please do not disturb. Mother and new baby getting some much-needed rest. Please call us to make another time to visit”

    worked a treat. also, organise husband to be “on duty” when people come, so even if they have arranged to come before hand, but are the annoying, don’t-know-when-to-leave type, your husband can say to you really loudly during their visit, “Honey, you look really tired. You hardly got any sleep last night. Why dont’ you just go up to bed?”. My husband did that for me all the time and it was brilliant. Then I didnt feel guilty about disappearing on guests, as i was just following good advice, and also, stupid visitors got the hint that they should get the hell out.

    and live on take-aways for the first month or two!

    wishing you all the best 🙂

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