So many ways to cheat and McCorkmick's marinade in a bag

Grumpy Pants had a doctors appointment this afternoon.

He called me to say he had to go to hospital.

Fuck it.

Then he said “Nah, I’m only joking!”

Which was totally hilarious and I told him I hope he had to sit around in a doctors waiting room for three hours for an ambulance.


Then he came home and said that he had to take a course of antibiotics for a week. The doctor had asked him if he could go without alcohol for a week. That was a dumb question. Anyhoo, he can’t have alcohol for a week, so I asked him to pour me a glass of wine whilst I got dinner ready.

He didn’t.

“Where is my wine?” I ask. “I cannot cook dinner under these conditions!”

“I thought you were going off alcohol for a week in sympathy,” he explained.

Oh, how I laughed and laughed and poured my own glass of wine and laughed. And laughed.

Dinner this evening was yet another experiment, courtesy of McCormick, who have such faith in me and my abilities too cook. So much so that they sent me a number (four, to be precise) of Marinate In a Bag … um … bags to try.

So … one was tried for dinner …we opted for the Honey & Soy marinade with chicken.

I do have a residual terror of Honey & Soy, due to the events that unfolded the first (and possibly last) time I embarked on a Honey & Soy Chicken expedition, that saw us at the Royal Children’s Hospital Emergency Department in order to have a sizeable piece of chicken bone removed from a smallish left nostril.

Given no chicken bones were available to be harmed in the consumption of this meal, I felt remotely safe.

Until, of course, I read the instructions which stated I was required to place the chicken, along with the marinade, in a ziplock bag.


Why must things be so difficult.

Of course, had I not been so busy tormenting my husband with wine focussed on the potential trauma of serving up another Honey & Soy meal, I would have noticed that the bag that the marinade is in is actually the ziplock bag in which you place your meat.

Phew! Too easy.

It did require a little fore-thought, as in, it requires at least a 30 minute timeframe in which to marinate, and up to 24 hours. Clearly, I was not organised enough for the whole 24 hour thing, but could do the 30 minute thing, as Godzilla was at me again, begging to please be taken for a haircut. He’d been doing this for something like three months now, so I figured now would be a good time, and wandered up the street with him for a hair snip.

Return after half an hour, hair snipped and happy, placed sufficiently marinated chicken in baking dish and into the over for 20 odd minutes (now oven is mostly working as intended)

Rice, broccoli, “I don’t want broccoli, I hate it”, “I don’t care, more for me, whatever!” serve and eat.

“That dinner was so nice, Mum, that if I had a girlfriend, I’d be cheating on her,” says Monkey Boy.

No time for feeling appreciated, more concerned about fact he is eleven and talking about girlfriends.

But he was right – it was yum. I am usually slightly adverse to stuff that comes pre-prepared and packaged, because, for me, whilst easy I can taste the “processedness” of it; it tastes a little plasticy or fake or something.

But not with this stuff – well, the Honey & Soy anyway. Will just have to experiment with the others …

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