So Proud of my Monkey Boy – he stepped in and spoke up

Monkey Boy went for a sleepover at a friend’s house last night.

This particular friend changed schools, so we don’t see him very often, now. It’s nice when they get to catch up.

Also, it was one less person I needed to yell at last night, so that was handy.

He was dropped off this morning, with some very brief words from Friend’s Mum about how things may not have been great last night.

She elaborated only by reassuring me that Monkey Boy was well behaved and there was nothing to worry about.

Oh. Ok.

I walked in, gave Monkey Boy a hug and asked “How was it?”

Then, because I can’t help myself and have to know everything, I continued “What happened?”

He told me his friend was misbehaving. That some work was being done around the outside of the house and that fresh concrete had been laid. That his friend then wrote:

R**** Rock’s

in the wet cement.

(The **** is to protect the identity of said friend, not that his mum is crazy and went for something “unique” with his name … just so we’re clear.)

What with going to a school that has students from such a vast array of socio-economic standings, Monkey Boy is, on occasion, subject or witness to some stuff that is not all that socially acceptable.

Both Grumpy Pants and I have encouraged him to recognise when things are not okay, when there is a need to step in one way or another; to speak up, to say “stop”, to get help or whatever. We’ve encouraged him to do what he is comfortable doing, but to do something.

And to do it, even if it means upsetting his friends.

Because, the upsetting will only be for a short time, and he will have stopped someone getting hurt or something getting damaged.

There have been a number of conversations along these lines, and more recently and more frequently they have been both Grumpy and I saying “Well done, we’re really proud of you for stepping in/speaking up/getting help/helping.”

It is one of those lovely, gushy, warm, fuzzy feelings you hear about.

He did the same here, as his friend scratched into the recently poured cement.

“‘Rocks’ doesn’t have an apostrophe,” he informed his friend.

I’m so proud.

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  1. (I should add … friend tried to correct mistake, friend’s parents came out, friend lied to parents about what happened, Monkey Boy told them the truth … he is just a little bit awesome!)

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