So sweet, I nearly cried.

A gathering for the school friend who died during the holidays was organised, by her parents.

A beautiful thing, and one that we made sure we wouldn’t miss. It was also important for Monkey Boy that he go. Nothing formal or organised, just a gathering of her family, school friends and teachers.

Despite having kept the pregnancy relatively quiet, I was greeted by many teachers and parents wtih congratulations. I look to Monkey Boy for answers, but, apparently, they had been hearing from various sources … overhearing Grumpy chatting to another Mum, kids in other classrooms and other parents outside of the school. Fantastic.

Then there were the ones that didn’t know, but had been told by their children and replied with “No, she’s not. Why would you know and I wouldn’t? She would have told me.”

(I also suspect some foot stamping, arm folding and “not fair, how come you knew before I did” – as is standard with any good woman)

That sorted, and the whole gathering fully informed about the circumstances, we enjoyed catching up, sharing stories and watching the kids brain themselves on the nearby playground.

We got some time to chat with the parents, see how they were doing and share some stories back and forth with them.

And then the story that made me cry. They were telling us about the funeral of their daughter, and how they finished the eulogy with a card made by one of her friends when she was sick last year.

A card that finished with “I hope you come out of yoru wheelchair and never go back in again” that was read to the congregation, and moving them all to tears.

A card that was painstakingly, but most lovingly drawn by Monkey Boy in May last year, when he was worried about his friend and wanted to make her feel better.

A gorgeous little boy who is so unaware of the impact that he has on so many people. Despite the circumstances of the gathering, I couldn’t help but let my Mumming come to the fore and be so proud of my beautiful and caring little boy.

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