So this is normality?

After my whirlwind tip of 5 cities in two days (ok, technically 3 cities, 1 large town and one very small town) I’m back home.

It’s back to making vegemite sandwiches and doing the washing, the very thought of which has sent me screaming into the foetal position, still screaming.

Thankfully, not a terribly normal week, as still have Mums’ Night Out! to get through. That is, I can effectively write this week off as well.

Have to go check out and try on some clothes for the “fashion parade” I am allegedly in on Friday night, all due to the fact I wasn’t around to put my hand up for it. Therefore, by default, I did put my hand up for it.

Spent a good (pahahahahaha) hour trying on gorgeous outfits I can’t afford, while toddler screamed at me and I tried to avoid getting his snot on the gorgeous outfits. See abovementioned lack of ability to afford said outfits. That said, I also don’t want to pay for one that is covered in toddler not. Have enough toddler-snotted outfits at home already.

Screanming toddler then falls asleep on my 30 seconds before we leave. Why not the preferred within 30 seconds of getting there? Huh?

He wakes in the car, where he usually sleeps, screams all the way to the shopping centre, except for the bit where I’m pulling into a parking spot. Becuase he has gone to sleep again.

Stuff down some food and embark on mission to find suitable underpants to wear under fashion parade items. Seriously don’t think can lose 15 kilo in next two days. Although, given stress increases the metabolism, I’m giving it a good go. Believe have forgotten to eat breakfast two days running now. Possibly explains the level of hunger I am now facing?

Depart with screaming baby and suitable Bridget Jones aka Grandma undies that reach from knees to armpits.

That should do it.

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  1. Thank you for making me feel normal…. I thought it was only my kids that always screamed in the car and fell asleep at inopportune times…

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