So why ring me?

Went for my walk (and coffee) with my friend again this morning. First time in a few weeks.

Very hot day. If it weren’t for kids having to be at various places at 9am, I’m sure we would have been better about it and gone much earlier.

Actually, if it weren’t for various kids needing to be at various places at 9am, we probably would have been sleeping in, recovering from a hangover (yes, on a Wednesday morning) or being useful, acknoweldged and paid.

Anyhoo, long walk (and longer coffee) and was just heading home when the mobile went off. It was the school. Monkey Boy had fallen off the flying fox, and landed on his back and was in sick bay. He seems fine, just a bit sore.

They just like to let the parents know.

“Is there blood?” I ask. No, apparenlty not.

Well, the standard response there is “Well, go back outside and play!”, surely?

Seemingly not. Well, as there was no blood, I couldn’t very well say “Put a bandaid on it and go back outside and play!” could I?

Anyhoo, I decided he would be fine and I’d see him after school. Besides, I was in desperate need of a shower.

He arrives home, all in one piece, no obvoius bandaids, and no obvious bruising. But claiming soreness in arm, and not tired!!!!!!!!!!!

The fact that he was protesting so much at him not being tired!!!!!!!!!!!! I kinda figured he wasn’t that badly hurt. I did some squeezing of the area, which elicit a response of the screaming sort, which he continuted to claim was because it was really sore and he was not tired!!!!!!!!! at all.

No bruising, no swelling, not even an area or spot of soreness. Just general soreness.

Hmmm. Could take him to someone who knows what they’re talking about.

But I’m really not up to sitting in emergency for several hours just at the moment.

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