Solved by Pizza

Yesterday was a little disconcerting and random.

When I woke, I had an idea of what my morning was going to be like. Within minutes that plan had changed and I settled myself into a different mindset and grateful for the opportunity to tend to my List.

The moment I had settled, things changed again and I was left alone, as I’d originally anticipated, with a four year old, hell bent on watching a movie at 10.00a.m. The sun shining, it being a mild and beautiful day, I recommended the three-block walk to the local playground.

This would fill an hour or so and who doesn’t like a playground?

That hour or so was, instead, filled with a screaming tantrum about going to the playground, and I received a business phone call that came through unexpectedly.

The day pretty much proceeded along those lines; whatever I got my mind sorted on, things changed.

Including heading off to a Pizza Masterclass organised by PR company, Keep Left PR, which had been in my diary for over a week. Monkey Boy was coming along with me, this time, as he is very much a lover of food and nagged me to the point where I promised I’d at least

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