Some Days

Some days, you wake up and just wish you hadn’t. You pull the doona tighter around you, curl your knees to your chest, and pull your pillow over your head to drown out any noise.

You screw your eyes tight and will the world to just … vanish …

Some days, you wake up, full of energy, vibrant, and ready to take it all on.

Nothing can stop you, and your smile simply beams … like laser beams zapping any negativity. It cannot touch you on those days.

Some days, however, are just weird.

You wake up feeling the vibrant and energetic, yet the world appears to be treating you like you’re feeling on the those days you simply don’t wanna get up.

For me, it started with a smile, a coffee, and smashing my ankle on the corner of the open door of the dishwasher.

This is not a pain I am unfamiliar with. Indeed, it is quite common for me to be banging some part of my body on some inanimate object, catching my sleeve on door handles, and bruising my outer thigh’s on the sticky out thing at the bottom of the stairs.

This one, however, really needed to be taken as a sign.

Perhaps it was merely the location; that it had hit

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