Some things are just hard to explain to kids

Sometimes, you have to tell your kids stuff that is just … well, hard!

It might be fraught with misunderstanding, or lack of comprehension at all.

Death, sex, why the Prime Minister is a stupid git, those sorts of things.

The death and sex talks I managed quite ok. They both lead to extra questions, more explanation, and a little bit of getting out of your depth and wonder how much you do actually tell them.

And if they will need therapy sooner, rather than later.

Sometimes, you have to tell them the same thing in different ways. Or maybe a shorter, simpler version, or perhaps one with more explanation.

I’m having one of those nights, tonight.

I’m trying to explain something to them and it really is just hard. They don’t seem to be understanding what I’m meaning. Perhaps it’s the words I’m using? Perhaps it’s a hard concept for them to grasp?

I mean, I’ve tried every version of “Go to bed, now!” I can think of, but … *sigh* … nope, not comprehending.

I even tried the For fuck’s sake (muttered under breath) What are you doing out here? Go. To. BED. NOW!

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  1. My 4 year old happened to walk in one night while my husband was watching Dr Who. It terrified her enough that all we have to tell her now is that we are going to be watching Dr Who tonight o she has to go to bed and stay there. I’m sure the fear factor will wear off soon though.

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