Some Things That Happened These Last Three Days

I’ve been at a seminar for three days.

It’s been wonderful, inspring, mind-blowing and mind breaking!

It’s been loads of fun, too, and I’ve spent it with a bunch of awesome women.

It means I’ve missed a few things as well.

Friday morning, Monkey Boy sat an exam for a local high school. For their Smart Arse Kids, because he is a very smart kid.

I overcame a small amount of Oh deary me, I’m a terrible mother, I won’t be there for him on the morning of his exam!, made slightly worse by the fact that Grumpy Pants wouldn’t be there either. Grumpy organised the parents of one of Monkey Boy’s best friends, also sitting the exam, to take him.

Grumpy is chilled like that. It’s nice.

I rang home

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