Some time, a glass and a mind

Monkey Boy’s guitar concert this afternoon, but have no time to be nervous or to think about it.

Nor the ability. Apparently, we have run out of food, again, and someone must go and do some hunting and gathering. Much as I don’t particularly like the job of The Grocery Shop, I do, in fact, love it for several reason.

It gives me a perfectly valid and non-challengeable excuse to leave the house without the children.

It gives me a social life, where I actually come into contact with other humans and have some semblance of verbal communication with them. Even it if is restricted to having “Hihow’reyouthat’sgreat” mumbled at me as my items are scanned at the checkout.

I get it over and done with early, so that I – we, actually, all of us – can have some quiet time in the afternoon, so that we are all well rested,

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