Some Verily Nice Photos

About a week or so ago, some very nice things happened.

(Almost as nice as winning some Vodka-O)

I received a gorgeous pack from Verily containing some nice tops, pants and a lovely frock, and a few days later, I was treated to a small photo session with Sarah-Louise Photography, who did some bio and author photos for me.

I wouldn’t normally do two reviews, and give you my thoughts on two products in one. But I am this time. So, ner.

Where to start … Sarah-Louise is so much fun!

Being such a shy petal, it takes a fair bit to get me to play up to the camera. A glass of wine at 10.30am will do it.

It wasn’t hard at all to not feel like a knob whilst having the pics taken. She’s quite relaxed and quite obviously knows her stuff; did a bit of directing, because I clearly needed all the encouragement I could get and took some amazing photos. She does all manner of photography, mostly architectural, but her passion is “creatures”.

Hrmmm, wonder if that is why she did such a great job on me …

I’m just super impressed that the photos came back to me so quickly and I actually liked them. I’m an avide Hater Of Photos Of Myself. Not these ones. Loved ’em.

(You can check them out in the Family Album tab up top, or here)

How does this tie in with Verily, you may very well ask?

Well, you may have noticed the gorgeous, very (or verily) nice top – a Ring Wrap Tunic top

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  1. I totally agree with what you say about Verily…. I know Leonie (the designer) and its not just because I know her that I love her clothes… its because she does make clothes for REAL women which fit and hang wonderfully on women in great flattering fabrics.. for small to large she seems to have that “knack” of cutting and designing a pattern. Lucky for us… love your pics I think the dress looks amazing on you!

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