Something new

After, hmm, to be fair, lets say six years, I finally made the move to take one of my kids to Pre-School Story Time at the local library.

Monkey Boy was at school and Godzilla and I get bored on Monday mornings, so I thought, what the heck, lets give it a go!

We drove around for half an hour unable to find a car park, before deciding on the one at the local shopping centre, grabbed a cino then head off to the library.

Godzilla, in a new environment and not sure what to expect, firmly planted me on the floor in front of the action (ie behind everyone else) and firmly planted his bum on my lap and his thumb in his mouth.

Things then got a little confusing. I wasn’t sure which activity I was supposed to be partaking in.

Was it the talking to my child, explaining loudly and in big words every little detail of the book my child was not interested in, then participating fully in Shaking my Sillies out, including performing all actions correctly,

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