Something novel and new and oh, so exciting

Awake to a sound I haven’t heard in such a long while. Not since our trip to WA two weeks ago, actually.

No, not silence. Nor the kids being civil to one another.


Lovin’ it. Although think our walk to school plans may be out the window. Not because of the rain. Wouldn’t let a bit of water stop my Evil Mummyness. Because we all slept in.

Endured the daily “How come we have to walk to school everyday?” whining ritual, which I sabotaged midway by suggesting we may need to take umbrellas to school. I only said it to shut them up. No chance it was going to rain for that long. And shut them up it did!

So novel and new and oh, so exciting were these preventers of getting wet that whinging, whining and complaining was completely eliminated for the first 3 steps out the gate. So intriguing were they that the children didn’t even contemplate sibling pokage with them, despite how tempting I thought this may be.

Hmmm, wonder if I can send them off to school with umbrella’s every day? And how long would this novelty last?

Best parenting tool I’ve come across in a long time.

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