Sometimes, I forget …

Sometimes, I forget how much a difference some of things I say can make to others.

I fall into the trap that it has to be a big, profound, sparkly-sequiney, and possibly quite ranty message for it to have any impact on anyone whatsoever.

Really, what happens is it is the little things, the most innane, and most subtle that have more impact. Or so it seems.

Sometimes, I just get tired.

And wonder what the point of it all is … I mean, for over a decade I have been saying the same things and advocating for the mental and emotional health of mothers, and their families, and all that has happened is things have got worse.

Rates of postnatal and other, general depressions are not going down.

Kids are getting fatter.

Mums are getting more fearful.

Society, generally, is demanding we be more and more and more ‘protective’ of our kids.

Judgement of others, and definitely misconceptions and the like of others is getting worse.

To be honest, there are moments when I feel like I have failed miserably. That nothing I have done has made any difference at all. To anyone.

I’ve been quiet, partly because I feel irrelevant … because for all my efforts, nothing has changed. Well, technically, it

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