Sometimes I get bored and sometimes I forget

Today was one of those days that I got so bored I forgot.

Grumpy Pants was off helping a friend out with something, and I was at home with the kids.

I couldn’t get any work done – because that’s really hard to do when you have a 3 year old on your lap MSNing your web designer, then stirring his older brother up and being smacked in the head.

So I got bored and suggested (because clearly I am an idiot) that we take a walk down the street to by some (much needed) bread.

Lured by the promise of hot dogs for lunch, the kids eventually agreed.

45 minutes later, after the Search For The Shoes, we left the house, then went back in, and came back out and walked up the street a bit and came back and eventually left again.

Which is when it started raining. There was, however, absolutely no way I was going back, so we continued on our whingy way.

The rain stopped shortly afterwards, anyway. Just as we crossed the road and got under cover.

It was then that my forgetfulness came back to haunt me!

It was then that I remembered why I didn’t walk up the street with the kids.

Earlier, between MSNing my web designer, gouging his brothers eyes out and defending against accusations of Train Snatching, Godzila “fort he would like it” to draw on his legs.

ALL over them.

Old ladies up the street don’t like this, and will tell you so. They also don’t like little boys who run, scream, climb on benches, or climb over old ladies sitting on benches.

The people in the fruit shop don’t like little boys having banana sword fights, and the other customers don’t like it when two little boys push their way to the front and ask for some little sausages (very politely of course, they know when politeness is appropriate), especially when those customers have been waiting for a-a-a-ges to be served.

Bought too much, had to carry it all home whilst restraining a 6 year old and a 3 year old. Not much fun.

Made it home, made hot dogs, ate mine,

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