Sorry about the photos, I blame Samsung – An NX300 Review

Since I first heard of such a thing, I have wanted a smartcamera; essentially, in my understanding, it is like the camera on your smartphone, where you can upload whatever pics you take to a variety of social media networks.

Only without the phone and other app bits.

So, a camera that allows you to upload to social media networks, email and the like, pretty much.

I am one who looooooves taking photos, but am not terribly good at it. Nor bad, either, I just really don’t know how to utilise a camera to the best of their abilities. I just really wanted one because I like to easily save and share and blog and whatever else various moments in my life. Because I blog, a lot, I also like to include relevant and decent images where necessary, particularly when I am trialling and testing a product that someone has sent along to me to trial and test.

Images to accompany it help a lot.

So, I’ve been strongly suggesting to the family, for a while now, that I’d really like one. By strongly suggest, I out and out say “I want a smart camera for my birthday/Christmas/Mother’s Day/just cos”.

Quite surprisingly and unexpected, I didn’t get what I asked for!

Oh, wait, no, that’s just standard. Sorry, I was deluded for a moment there.

So, no, I didn’t get one for the recently attended Mothering Sunday, but really wanted one I went straight to the source and asked and negotiated a few things and Samsung sent me the new NX300 to play with and talk about. Here. On my blog.

First and foremost, I was to ‘live Facebook’ Mums’ Night Out! a few weeks back, which I did until I ran the battery flat. Um, whoops (entirely my fault). I LOVED that I had the ability to do that, to share the goings on on the night, during the event, to annoy let in on the action those who were unable to make it this year

It was for things like this, and particularly blogging events, like those put on my KidsBusiness that I coveted such a capturer and sharer of images. That and my current, really good Nikon was getting really old and the software was being a bit temperamental. I wanted to get with the times, man!

Anyhoo, since that night of Mums’ Night Out!

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    1. I had to connect it to my phone (wirelessly) and share to other networks via my phone/the Samsung camera app on the phone.

      That’s about all I can tell you, really. Sorry, but hope it helps 🙂

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