Speaking of Numbers

Tomorrow, we are celebrating Chippie’s birthday. With two parties. Because I am certifialy insane.

It is the first party he’s had that involve friends; some random kids in the playground before and after school whose mums are awesome. Um, so yeah, the party is for him and his friends, not me at all. Just so we’re clear. Ok?

So, today I managed:

  • 2 mud cakes
  • 24 chocolate cupcakes
  • 4 articles written
  • 1 (other) article published on another website (Cherry Mag)
  • 1 burn to my arm
  • 3 additional burns to fingers
  • 7 items ticked off Business To Do List
  • 3 children collected from various educational institutional establishements
  • 1 husband barely escaping a stabbing after laughing and muttering “you need some oven mitts
  • 6 lolly bags stuffed
  • 1 mind … not yet in tattters, but close …

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