Spontaneous Mental Health

After a particularly, emotionally gruelling day I needed … something.

Sadly, my mind wasn’t up to thinking anything beyond “I can’t be arsed” and “I really need to get away from everything”.

As it stood, I had no energy nor inclination to do anything, yet the thought of staying a) at home and b) being surrounded by my family was driving me batty. Er. Battier.

I just wanted to stay at home and do nothing, yet, mind-explodingly, nothing made me angstier than staying at home and doing nothing.


I sent a text to a friend. Mostly a ranty, woe is me one. Without thinking, aside from knowing she also had kids, a husband and it was Friday night, I said “wanna go see a movie”.

And she said YES! And my squeals of delight resounded around the neighbourhood and I thought I really need to get out more often. Which is precisely what I was doing.

Monkey Boy, highly attuned to my stress levels, and desperate to make me smile and chill a bit, was following me around making

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