Spontanseous Synchronised Massage

The walk to childcare and school dropoffs occured after I managed to get a Thing off my List.

My head was aching and the walk to school didn’t appear to help. Nor did coffee, water or yelling at the kids about shoes.

I needed a massage and I needed one NOW! Actually, I needed one about 6 weeks ago, but, you know …

My standard Mummyseuss was off the list, as I was out and had no phone on my. This was due to a marvellous discovery I made this morning, in that your mobile phone won’t actually recharge when it’s down to its last bar and you plug it in and forget to flick the switch. Who’d’ve thought it’d go flat under those circumstances? There you go.

Grumpy was with me and we wandered up the street, as we usually do, via the post office box and banks and other things we get done on our post-school drop off, before we head home walk.

Our local shopping centre has recently acquired some Chinese Massage places, with big open fronts, large windows, and rows of beds in individual cubicles, separated only by a thin curtain.

Hmmmm. They look cool. But I’d not ever entertained the idea of actually utilising one. Until now. Head. Hurty. Very. Very. Very. Hurty.

We looked at each other, kind of like “I will if you do” daring. So we did. We were given the menu … “Plea’ look, tell me wish one you li’?” … selected our preferred massage … “number 47 thanks” (thats the ” head, neck and shoulders for me. With oil, please.”) and we were each shown to a cubicle and asked to strip off.

Once the deft fingers of the teensy little, size 6 Chinese woman got into the lumpy knotted bits in my back and neck, I really didn’t care where I was. I could feel my headache slowly ebbing away as she kneaded, gouged and hurt me in a way that made me want to scream “Oh, that feels sooo good. More!”

My hubby was in the cubicle next to mine, being worked on by a slightly built man who was also giving good massage from what I could tell, judging by the noises from next door.

There was little chatter, except for a slight exchange between the two massage therapists. In Chinese.

Which I’m fairly sure went something like … “This one so fat, she look like steamed barbeque

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