Spreading happiness … just doing our job

Up even earlier than yesterday … no, wait, I wasn’t, yesterday was a complete time disaster first thing, but I’ve sorted that now, adjusted my clock settings so the reflect the time of where I actually am, and met everyone for breakfast earlier than we met yesterday.

Set about the breakfast dilemma, hopping from one foot to the other, shaking hands and mumbling “where to start” and not “what do I have” because I already decided I was going to have everything!

Then we were back onto the bus with all the other bloggers we met yesterday and off to the World Expo!

Still unencombered by our own children and responsibility, apart from the responsibilty of spreading happiness, we were allowed to “be ourselves” and set about the task of having even more fun than yesterday and, apparently, breaking Coke Dude’s brain.

We were treated as very special people; special as in “important”. not special as in we had “special” needs, although Coke Dude did wonder at times, and kicked off the Expo in the Coca-Cola pavillion, a.k.a the Happiness Factory, which, as you can imagine, enhanced the already established mood for the day.

Today also happened to be Coca-Cola Founders day, where we were treated to a special presentation and Sunny Mummy and I took it upon ourselves (when we sent Coke Dude off to get us drinks) to commence the Happiness Spreading. It wasn’t really our fault that he left us alone with strict instructions along lines of “do not move from this spot!” near a stage. It wasn’t our fault the stage, devoid of any entertainment at that particular time, said “Hey, you two, come over here and dance on me, because it’s fun and it will help you to spread happiness.”

Before long, we were having fun, dancing and singing and sucking everyone into our joyful place, including the Korean Live Positively Team, who even brought birthday cake! It wasn’t long after that that Coke Dude returned, bearing gifts and shaking his head. We do think he was smiling though.

The “official” Coke pavillion and various bits and meeting various awesome Coke people, we popped on a Ferry where we met (and gave a big cuddle to) the main charachter in the Coca-Cola “Brrr” adverts from a few years back (remember them! I will now!)

It was then on to see the pavillions from countries all over the world; photos in front of the Australia pavillion that we didn’t actually go into because a) we’ve seen some of Australia and b) it was very popular and we couldn’t be bothered standing around waiting to get in. We did, however, harrass poor “foriegners” who were also having their photo taken with the Australia pavillion in the background and ask if they’d like to have photos with “real” Australian’s, then jumped in their photos anyway. They were most pleased, and laughing with happiness. Am fairly sure they weren’t swearing in their various languages and deleting photos as we skipped off …

A short break to watch the Coca-Cola parade, where some of the high up people in the company also treated us as though we were special (again, I wish to reinforce “important” and not “special needs”) and allowed us on the other side of the special red barrier (ooh, special!) to get a better view of the parade.

Suitably rested, it was off to create more havoc, um, happiness. Denmark provided us with ample opportunity to continue on such a mission, and we pushed little kids of the water feature so we could jump about and make it work, beers were indulged and pretend bike riding partaken in. A few more trips to various parts of the globe, possibly the funniest being when Coke Dude was approached by ancient Chinese man who asked him, in extremely flawed English if we were his “harem”. I believe the man only uttered the same word over and over. I believe that word was “harem”. He then followed us for a bit, tittering like a schoolgirl every now and again. Can’t say I blame him really. Poor Coke Dude.

On to South Africa, where once again Coke Dude was centre of attention (not ours) and had his photo taken with several giggly young women who clearly found him cute. Awwwwww. Aside from that hilarious incident, South Africa was a mild disappoinment, and we headed off to Brazil in the hope of a good coffee. Instead, we ended up partaking in some Brazillian style dancing, self-instigated, and probably very bad

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  1. So, it sounds amazing – and too good to be true! What did Coke get out of this from you – apart from the happiness that you spread, is it just good PR?

  2. Tab, I’m still not convinced it was true! LOL

    Obviously, we spread the happiness & live positive message.Sadly (for Coke) we weren’t branded on the day! Although we did ask (ok – demand – LOL) some new t-shirts.

    At this stage, it’s a trial for them, looking at Coca-Cola and social media (thus taking “mummy bloggers”), we’ve recently had a phone conference about how we move on from here, and if we can all work together. More meetings to come. So not “just” good PR, no, hopefully a relationship of sorts 🙂 Although what that looks like at this stage … who knows!

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