Sssshhhhhh. Don't tell!

Godzilla still not feeling well. Still a temperature. A 2.30am wakeup where he came into our room, burning up, shaking and very upset.

Calmed him down, got his some panadol and let him climb into bed with us.

But he was too hot, so I moved into his room, letting he and Grumpy sleep peacefully.

Two hours later I heard some odd noises, so raced up to our bedroom – you never can tell with Grumpy, he could be dealing with whatever the issue is with perfect poise. Or snoring. Loudly.

Godzilla was standing over the loo, vomiting, and Grumpy was looking not terribly happy, but under control. Godzilla had done a small puke in the bed. On Grumpy’s pillow.

(Giggle, giggle)

I checked on Godzilla, cleaned him up and calmed him, then put him back into our bed. As Grumpy had everything handled, I left the room. Mostly so he couldn’t see the smirk on my face.

Back to bed in his room, and got another 2 hours sleep. Did the morning thing with Monkey Boy, Grumpy took him to school, and Godzilla just lay in bed. Lethargic. Just lying there.

And I was SOOOO relieved. Just a day of not having to run around from here to there, packing swimming bags, pickups and drop offs.

Just a day at home where I could get things done.

A relief, sweet, sweet relief.

Think I might just nominate myself for Real Mum of the Year Award 🙂

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