Star Wars: A Love / Hate Relationship

Monkey Boy has discovered Star Wars.

After hating it and saying it was “really stupid” for so long, he’s embraced it with a vengence.

Of course, I should have know. He does this “it’s really stupid” and “I hate it” with lots of things he doesn’t know, and when he does them (school, new swim teacher, a can of spaghetti with a different colour label …) he usually discovers that they’re not so bad.

I just encouraged the “Star Wars is stupid thing”. I grew up with two brothers and a dad how had us on weekends (mum worked nightshift, so she slept a lot on weekends). I got to see loads of boy type movies. And Xanadu, that was pretty cool! Anyhoo, I really hate Star Wars. I think it’s stupid. Except for Harrison Ford of course.

Anyway, Monkey Boy has decided he loves it and every weekend has been devoted to finding the DVDs at local video shops. DVDs that work and are watchable, that is.

The last few days have been bliss. They borrowed some videos from the kids up the road, and found a few at the video shopt.

Last night, I got to go to bed early, left undisturbed. They’ve decided on a video day today, pyjamas and all … and they’re leaving me alone.

I’ve been working all morning, but they’ve just started another DVD. Wonder if I should have lunch then a long soak in a hot bath. Undisturbed.

I love Star Wars!

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  1. I am devastated that my boys do not adore and worship Star Wars (original 3 eps only)… instead I live in a land of Ben10. Where heatblast is mispronounced shitblast by the 3yo 🙁 and constant fighting over who is which character can be heard… THEN Grandma purchased the PS2 game – the boys had been previously unaware that the PS2 was anything other than a dvd player. Now life is truly hell (PS2 broken after being fed a biscuit to make it’s powers stronger). Will trade for Star Wars fanatic any weekend!!

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