Stop doing that to me!

Appointment with the OB this morning, so missed my walk and coffee with my friend again!

This is getting ridiculous.

Wait not terribly long, considering the norm, and am treated to my 6.7 second visit. Standard.

He’s having a bit of a feel of my tummy, then stops and gives me an odd look. Apparently, I have a large lump above my uterus, which is not normal. Can’t find a heartbeat.

Off we go into the teensy room with the dodgy scanner. Have a bit of a look around with the probey scanny thing on my tummy, and locate uterus where the lump was. It’s moved!

Really not normal.

Check heart, baby still not moving (which is really freaking me out) but apprently all looking good.

Just a bit odd.

Come back in 5 weeks – see you then.

I’m sure they’re testing me with all these things. Am I far too complacent for someone having a third? Are they trying to stop me being so relaxed about it.

I’m just doing what everyone says … “Ah, its your third, you never worry about stuff with your third.”

Maybe everyone should just shut up.

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