Stormy Weather

It’s day five of the school holidays. The three year old’s vocab has now expanded to making such statements as “you bitch” when his brothers do something he doensn’t like. And the odd “shit”. I mean verbally, not bumly. Although that as well. It’s been raining for two days. Cabin fever setting in.

Mount PileOfWashing has erupted. It bred first, leaving massive piles of itself in various rooms of the house. It has now, quite literally erupted, spewing more and more filthy, smelly, pissy items of clothing, bed sheets, towels and rice all over the house. There is little to no floor space in any of the rooms. I located the three year old, after he’d been missing for some hours and I thought he’d just gone to sleep, under a pile of fetid underpants and pyjamas.

The trickling PissNShit Creek has broken it’s banks and is now a raging torrent, leaving puddles of itself in hallways, beds and

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  1. LMAO… that was full of awesomeness as only yu can describe it. Funny how you are living my life. Today I wrote love letters to my daughters as I had been such and evil bitch for the last three days,due to same.. shite weather, cabin fever.. in a cabin NO LESS! on a beach holiday, on my own, while hubby was working!!
    We all hated each other and on the two hour car ride home I stopped the car twice and told them to get out and wait for someone else to come pick them up, both times I just threatened but by the third time I actually really wanted to leave them on the corner to wait for the weird people with the trolley full of stripey bags to take them home. ANyway, after a day of heaven working my ass off at the salon, I also got a fit of the guilts when I called home and Dave said, “Can you hear that?” I was like, Nuh. Apparently it was the vaccuum cleaner and Ruby was driving it!! They spent hours cleaning up their room and packing crap away that need to be packed, just so I would be happy when I got home. Anyway, feels so good to read about all of your poo-scapades. That will be me very shortly, about to try and train Mr 2 very soon..
    Remember tho, you are not alone!!! xx

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