Stress Down (and maybe win $100 for your trouble)

Today is Stress Down Day, an initiative of the fabulous LifeLine.

I plan to make the most of it.

Just after I do the school lunch thing and attend a belated Student Led Conference that the school have implemented in place of the bitch about your kids behind their back with their teacher Parent Teacher Interview.


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  1. A bath and massages. My bath isn’t big enough for my above average bum nor is it deep enough to actually soak much. Also if I start to run the water, there’s a naked 4yo who apparates next to me insisting she gets in, along with all of her bath toys. (Same goes for the shower.)

    As to massages, I’m always giving them and never getting them. Infact, just laying down, in a calm space without having to share it or get jumped on or hear “MUM!” for 20 minutes would be nice.

    I’m going to go curl up in a ball now.

  2. As the one thing I love doing the most and don’t get enough time to do it is probably not appropriate for this competition, I will have to go to my second one which is spending quality time with my Husband and Son. Pretty much doing anything from going to see a movie or to the theatre, going out to dinner or just having a quiet night in playing UNO.

  3. Baking. After a day that began with arguing over cereal I don’t even have in the pantry, followed by the massive effort of getting ready in time to not miss the bus, followed by getting myself to work in time ( I was late. But I did stop for my Friday skinny latte). I am currently enjoying my ‘stress-free blissful’ day at work. Once I leave this hell hole, go home and argue with the kids about dinner I don’t feel like cooking, I will crack a beer, turn on my iPod, roll up my sleeves and bake. With chocolate. And sugar. And cream. I will relax while I melt and stir and create. That’s how I will find some stress free time today.

  4. The fact today is ‘Stress Down Day’ is AWESOME! The plans for this evening fit PERFECTLY! With hubby being away fishing since saturday, Ive been flying ‘solo’ with the kids, work, kids sport training, my sports, a trip to the hospital (kids) etc etc….. soooo Myself and a couple of my girlfriends have decided that tonight we will venture off – KID FREE (thank you mum!), meet up with hubby @ the beach, enjoy the band playing, enjoy SEVERAL beverages… then we are going to climb to the top of the sandblow (really high, really steep, havent done it since I was 19) …… with the ‘signs’/body boards that we have ‘borrowed’ and body surf down it! I canNOT wait! Bring on 4.30 (knock off time) and let the fun begin!!! (-:

  5. I stressed down today by going to the craft expo (sorry for swearing 😉 ) and will spend my time playing with the tools, fabrics and embellishments I purchased. Hell, I may even make something for ME!!

  6. I would love to go out to dinner and the movies with husband because we so rarely get to spend time together as a couple and I find we are both more relaxed and happy after some time out from parenting.

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