Stuff Kids Ruin; and NO ONE talks about it

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I used to have this body that I had pretty much come to like. Sure, it was short and slightly oddly proportioned, but, you know, I came to terms with it and learnt to live with it.

Then I decided pregnancy would be a really cool thing to do.

Pregnancy did things to me that I hadn’t really thought much about, and no one warned me until I complained about it and they said things like “Yeah, that happens.”

Well, thanks for that!

My hips widened slightly, meaning my favourite jeans were never going to fit me in the same way again.

My rib cage did something similar, particularly with my second, taking my size 12 top to a 14, even without the added body fat.

Having kids also caused me to suddenly have irrational fears of things like piles of Autumn leaves and children running through them and jumping into them. There could be creepy crawly things in there! And creep crawly things can bite! Piles of leaves have just never looked the same to me since.


The other thing is that women who have had even just one baby are three times more likely to experience knicker-wetting due to pelvic floor and bladder weakness than women who have never been pregnant.

Bloody kids!

Speaking from experience, I can also advise that having C-sections does not exclude or prevent you from experiencing the aforementioned weakness, either. So don’t think you’ll avoid it that way.

These figures don’t blow me away that much, because, really, it makes sense that if you’re hauling around a couple of kilos on what essentially amounts to a sling made of muscle, it’s going to have some sort of weakening effect.

What does really concern me, though, is that almost 45% of women think that this is a lifetime thing; that it’s “just one of those things” that happens with pregnancy and/or childbirth and you just have to suck it up, accept it and get on with life.

Although sleep deprivation, not being allowed to shower without and audience, and stepping on LEGO or Barbie shoes and assorted paraphernalia in the middle of the night are a given when you become a parent, dealing with a dodgy pelvic floor isn’t.

Jane Le Fevre, Physiotherapist Expert for lights

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