Sunday Funday

Family Day now very much a thing of the Olden Days was put aside again today due to the request of the six-year-old at a fellow six-year-olds birthday party.

The one in the play centre that I don’t wanna go to! Humph!

Grumpy Pants and I had also spent yet another Saturday afternoon, traipsing around various stores to procure various, boring, householdy type things. I scored a new vacuum – oh, yays.

However, it has been deemed a birthday present, which means I am either not allowed to have it straight away, thus will have to fight with the oversized, jet pack style, industrial cleaner we have (which is my very, very valid excuse for never vacuuming – and I’m sticking to it! ) or the other one we have which does not do stairs very well. Or, you know, at all.

I always wanted a vacuum for my birthday. It will go nicely with the iron I got for Christmas once … and if anyone has seen it since, can you let me know where I put it? Ta.

Boxes acquired over the past several months have been utilised to put little brothers in before pushing him down the stairs, turned into signs, left lying around the floor, overfilled the recycling bin and, in a pique of creativity, I delegated a crafty-construction type task to Grumpy and he and Chippie constructed a space ship out of boxes. They have since all been disposed of, mostly to create room for more boxes once containing householdy stuff.

But we’d had enough and did a Big Box Cleanout and the house became all boxless. It was a sad moment.

Not for long, however, as I heard the robot vacuum thing (a gift from a family member last Christmas) starting up, followed immediately by bursts of laughter and sounds which can only be described as ‘encouraging one to get up to some mischief’.

In the meantime, I was allowed to open the new, cordless vac and ‘do’ the stairs and stuff. My insistence that it required a full overnight charge was met with derision and the possibly implication that I was, in fact, trying to get out of it.


Also, apparently, I had to see if it would work. It did. And it allowed me about three stairs before it ran out of charge and I was forced to get the instructions and point out that it required charging before being man-handled. Or, woman-handled as the case may be.

So it was that I made my way towards the giggles and hilarity, to find the older two ensconced in watching the robot vac make its way around the room, topped with a variety of small, plush toys. The best bit was when it went under the couch and knocked them off. Although ‘hilarious’ the kids were equally disappointed that there were no decapitations occurring and deemed the action somewhat ‘boring’.

As this was occurring, Chippie was sitting on the laundry floor, watching the new vacuum recharge. An activity, I’m sure, that held great appeal.

Or is possibly considerably weird.

Whatever, it did occur to me that we’d been stuck in the house for a rather long time and a Family Day was more than necessary for us to regain our sanity.

(Too late!)

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