Support For Mums AND Mums' Night Out! Two Ticket Giveaway

Wow, I’m blown away by the awesomeness of some people.

Better still, I love that Real Mums gets the opportunity to pass this awesomeness on.

The incredible team at Night Nannies, who are just an awesome bunch doing amazing things on a day to day basis have just purchased a couple of tickets – one to the Support for Mums Official Launch on Thursday, May 2nd and another for the fabulous Mums’ Night Out! on Friday, May 17th 2013.

But they’re not coming … instead, they would rather pay it forward and have asked that we give them away to two, deserving mums.

I nearly cried at their generosity. How awesome are they?

Anyhoo, as it stands I have these two tickets here, awaiting you. Yes, YOU!

If you would like to attend either of these events, here’s what to do:

First and

6 Replies to “Support For Mums AND Mums' Night Out! Two Ticket Giveaway”

  1. What incredible timing! At our committee meeting a few nights ago, we were discussing the possibility of two committee members attending the Support for Mums launch night (we were still deciding on who would be going). I have also wanted to attend the famous Mums Night Out for years but never had the courage to come but given the chance, i would take that great leap forward.

    Good luck to everyone who enters and congratulations in advance to those chosen to attend the events. 🙂

    Julia x

  2. I would be happy to win either of these wonderful giveaways!

    The night out sounds awesome, and a night with friends, fun & fabulous sounds just like something this mum of five could use right now.

    I also love & endeavour to help those in need when the opportunity presents itself, and would be absolutely thrilled to be a part of this special event of support for mums.

  3. I would absolutely LOVE to go to Mums Night Out!
    Since getting sick in June last year & having Chemo, then having to quit my job & then had to sell the house, we then made the big move for a new life with the kids to the country,for a cheaper house,but mostly for health & happiness instead of the added stresses of a huge mortgage when your unable to work.
    With life finally starting to get back on track now. i would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to go out as i havnt been all dressed up & looking or feeling beautiful for well over a year now.

    (ive felt so nervous facing the public due to wearing my hat out everywhere i go, as my hair is still growing back & it has no style LOL may sound superficial to some but this is coming from a girl who never walked out the house before without hair styled or straightened before i started to lose it ) & think what the hell why not make my 1st night out amongst other mums as i wont feel so nervous out & actually let my hair down! (pardon the pun!) 🙂

    Cheers Wendy xx

  4. Oh, it was a tough one so I had to call in the reinforcements!

    Wendy, congratulations, Night Nannies determined you were the recipient of the Mums’ Night Out! ticket – congratulations.

    And, Katie, you are coming along to the Support For Mums launch – well done!

    Julia – stay tuned, there is another ticket giveaway happening on this very blog, and Easy Peasy Kids have a ticket to Support For Mums going, too … – GOOD LUCK!

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