Surviving the School Holidays

Things were looking a little ominous when I arose from Under The Doona, where I much preferred to be, poured myself a MUG and sat down at my desk.

There was my bra, sitting on my diary.

I have no idea how or why, but signs like this feeling me a little edgy.

My brain was, at that point, capable only of a few small things at a time. Listening to an incessant “Can I play my iPod?” on repeat was not helping.

I thought of every possible thing I could think of to easily explain away my “No, not now” because the usual “I think you’ve spent enough time on it already” apparently is “not an answer”.

Nor is “Because I said so” even if it is the only thing that comes to mind at the time.

So they were sent off to do stuff in the kitchen. Like the jobs they’re paid to do and that I tell them every morning and afternoon and evening that I don’t want to have to remind them because a) it’s their job that they’re paid to do and b)

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  1. Well the dice move was one I didnt think of. Will have to pass that one on to my daughter and son for their kids. lol.
    Well Done Amanda!!!!

  2. Well, he started it with his threat to throw the dice … I don’t think he was quite prepared for the level of my cunning.

    I wish I could get him on video to show you what he’s like when he does this … it was literally “If you keep telling me to have a bath I will throw this dice” – frown on face, teeth clenched, pissed off, quiet voice …a real threat.

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