The Carbohydrate Contradiction: Smoothies

*giggle* I’m sorry. I can’t help it. I find the whole thing so laughable, from an incredulous perspective, as well as an utterly ridiculous one that I can’t help but giggle. Then I realise people are being so completely, utterly serious that I become very, very scared. It’s a smoothie…

Nutrition Advice From Advertising Execs

This post rated     Just other morning, I was stumbling about the kitchen attempting to organise my thoughts so I could organise my breakfast (am not a morning person, just in case you were unaware). Actually, I do that most mornings. Staring into space doing something that can only…

Why Cutting Carbs Makes People Stupid

I have seen, over the last few decades, food fads and diets come and go. It’s been happening possibly since the dawn of time. Although, really, I imagine they didn’t quite give a fuck and were possibly more interested in, you know, surviving than worrying about

Feeding a Fantasy

Last week, I was requested to comment on a recent investigation by Choice into baby and toddler formula, after an article published in various newspapers around Australia. Articles such as this from –

The Good Mother and the Evil Giant Corporation

Another set of school holidays have passed and another visit to any given number of fast food outlets was not partaken in. It wasn’t hard. I just don’t ‘do’ fast food outlets; not a Maccas, not a KFC, Red Rooster or other chicken-based fodder, not a … what else is…