Oh, The Irony!

On our last venture up the street (the one where got Santa photos, DVDs and very close to being beat to death with a roll of festive wrapping paper) I selected a DVD or two for my dear self. I had few hopes of being afforded the time to actually…

Life Goes On

I like a good wallow. I think they’re an essential part of healing, of dealing with a set back or a hurdle, mountainous or otherwise, or just a hurt of some description or other. Nothing screams

Depression Texting

I happened to be up late enough, and browsing Facebook late enough (I usually switch off quite early in the evening) to catch a friend who’d got herself somewhat shitfaced on alcohol and updating her status. Never a good thing. Well, actually, that’s debatable. Even the next morning, and catching…

Olden Day Family Fun

I found myself, this morning, apologising to my twelve-year-old for the way society has gone. T’is Family Day and it is, really, important for me. Working from home, leaving the house some weeks involves school drop offs and pick ups. Occasionally, like earlier this week, I head off to a

My Downfall

I like to think I’m a happy person. I laugh loudly, and usually inappropriately. So much so that I’m definitely going to Hell. When I smile, it comes from my whole body; I can feel it, literally, in my toes. I have a smile for everybody (unless you seriously piss…