Putting it aside for "good"

When we were growing up, Mum had the good dinner set. It was put in a special cupboard, out of the kitchen so it was unable to mix with the riff raff that was our daily flatware and other (matching) crockery. It came out on special occasions, usually when she…

Stop fucking with my mind and body

They say pregnancy changes your body; you know hormones rushing around and causing your ligaments to “relax”, stretch marks, inability to lose weight and even some permanent colateral damage, like the further spreading of my ribcage, thanks to child number two whose length at birth (two weeks before due date)

Evil Plans and Escape Plans

I do try my hardest to do all the “right” things; you know, pretend to take an interest in stuff the kids are interested in and spend quality time with them, etc etc blah blah blah Right now – well, not “right now” obviously, as I’m writing a diary entry-

Some useful mathematical equations

A fun night out + alcohol consumed = (over time) hangover Four hours sleep + hangover + toddler = horrible Tired + hungover = Daily Tasks Difficult Large Coffee Plunger is the equivalent of Much Coffee The circumference of the plungery thing on the large coffee plunger is greater than…