School Lunches Smashed

So … finally got around to purchasing the last of the stationery required for school this year. You know how school goes back for the kids this week? When I say “last” of the stationery, I use the term loosely. I

My Top 3 Gluten Free Lunchboxes

My Top 3 Gluten Free Lunchboxes

*sigh* I thought we were over this, but as showed up in my Facebook feed the other day, it seems we’re not. You know, lunchbox art? Which isn’t actually the painting of, or drawing on lunchboxes, but rather the art of creating things out of food so they look like…

School lunches a challenge

It all started towards the end of 2012, when my social media feeds were being filled with allegedly easy school lunch box ideas, many of which, really, constituted art, craft, construction or some sort of erection. Of food stuffs. Like how one would erect a building. I give up. They…