Taking real mumming one step further

I came across a quote in the course of one of my days last week.

It read:

Don’t worry, you’re not the first mom who’s every thrown a towel on the peed-on sheets and gone back to bed.

I like quotes like that. They help back me and my message up and reinforce that there are others out there who feel we mums are getting too much guilt forced upon us.

It made me smile.

Which is good. I need a smile. The last couple of nights have been back to being woken several times a night by the Littlest One. Last night was no different.

Three times, I think it was, possibly four, he came into our bed. Each time, I lay next to him, not sleeping, but grasping at the tiniest amounts of energy I could summon from nooks and crannies around my body, until I had enough to haul myself up, gather him in my arms and put him back into his bed.

Stagger back to bed, collapse, fall asleep, only to be dragged from that state an hour or so later.

It wasn’t until just before 6an that some of my faculties came back to me. Kind of.

“Did you wee?” I asked the 3 year old. Who completely ignored me, because he was happily sleeping.

“You smell like wee,” I continued. Although have no idea why. No one else was awake. Just me. I was talking to myself. Again.

Once I’d had coffee it transpired that I had been repeatedly covering the peed-on sheets with the pre-schooler and going back to bed.

Nice one.

3 Replies to “Taking real mumming one step further”

  1. Oh yeah!

    I realised this morning, when it was light enough to see, that my almost 3-week old baby was lying on 3 chucked-on square clothies. Pile ’em up, I say!
    Even the 3 year olds!

  2. I am so glad I’m not the only parent who in a sleep deprived haze has tossed kid back into the urine soaked bed.

    If only they slept through such treatment.

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