Taking time out, having a social life and …. oh

What an insanely crazy week this last week has been.

And the week before. Not only because of school holidays either. Just … well, let’s be honest, at no point does the word “holiday” give you what it promises, particularly when used in conjunction with the term “school”.

I utilised this time to get as much work done as possible without having to run from one place to another dragging a variety of children around with me. How I manage to get the right ones to the right places, I have no ideas, but I somehow do.

I realise, after a week of working, that I have had little to no social life outside of dropping children off at various friends houses, or standing in my doorway as mums drop and/or collect their own offspring. I will not stand for this any longer, and contact a friend and organise our social life.

How exciting! Of course, families will be involved, but I can deal with that. It will be catching up with a friend, whilst our children play nicely together and our husbands chat amicably and we drink lots of wine and coffee!


I can’t wait … they’ll be here in a few hours!

After two weeks of non-stop work, barely a break, certainly no “holiday” and no socialising or gossiping worth mentioning, I get to …. oh, entertain a family of five, and prepare a three-course meal for them.


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