Teaching Kids How to Play

It is one of the joys of owning, and occasionally writting stuff for, a blog that one receives a variety of emails.

There are compliments and criticisms, advice offering and accolades, and quite a number of requests for one to promote the wares and serivces of others.

Some will be a blatant “Hey there, my product is awesome and your readers will love it! I won’t even charge you for promoting it for me!”

Terribly magnanimous of the sender. Also completely missing the point, and not having any sort of clue as to what my readers will or won’t like. Not even gone to the bother of reading any part of this – or any other – blog before being obnoxious.

Others offer money. Which is cool.

And others just have me feeling perplexed, and it usually takes me a bit to work out why.

Like one I received the other day. Aside from the bit that says

For this product promotion I contacted you. If you wish to join with us , please mail me back. I will love to hear from you. We can do a partnership business with a monthly recurring commission

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