Textbook Immunisations

Appointment with MCHN for weigh and measure with Chippie, to monitor weight gain.

Yup, a whole kilo up in two weeks (last week’s nurse forgot to put his weight in).

“Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, because it’s working,” she tells me.

So … feeding him every 23 minutes and surviving on 3 and a half hours sleep? That’s extremely helpful advice, thank you ever so much.

“And his immunisations are up to date?” she enquires.

What? Another lot? Didn’t I just get them done?

Oh, right. The six month ones that I was going to do yesterday. That is stuck on my fridge and highlighted.

Next lot of council sessions not until the day before I see the paediatrician for a further check up and another blood test. A blood test which will probably be affected by the immunisations themselves.

“Can’t I just not sterilise the bottles I’m now having to give him, and share food with his brothers and the cats?”

OK, I get she’s just come out of MCHN school (I can tell, because she’s 12 and keeps checking the text book) but surely she didn’t need to check the text book to see whether diptheria immunity was covered by those options.


I have three kids, I know that there’s a fair amount of disease immunity that comes from floor food, cats, snot, older brothers and dirt …

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