Which part of no…

What was earlier this week a “free” day, it turned out to be remarkably busy.

It commence with a coffee appreciation tour – including numerous skinny lattes!

Thank goodness, as it then enabled me to race to the shops to grab some chips and dips for the Enjo party I had yet to prepare for, platter everything up and give the bathroom a good scrub with a large dose of bleach.

All whilst telling Monkey Boy “No, you cannot play on my computer.” “Becuase there is too much crap on my desk.” “Because I don’t want you in there, and don’t want the stuff on my desk touched for fear it may topple and crush you to death.” “No you can’t” “No.” “NO!”

Then had to whip around with the Instant House Clean to remove the bleach smell (can’t have that when the Enjo lady is coming. Especially when you have

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