Thank goodness for friends!

My friends have come to the rescue!


OK, not only have they been fully informed of my dislike of being groped by all and sundry, and having the most inane and stupid questions thrown at me constantly, they have been on the end of many a similar rant.

So, when they turned up on my doorstep this evening, quite unexpected (nice :)) their initial reaction was to grope and ask me the most inane and stupid questions they could.

Luckily, being friends, I could tell them all to “get fucked” and they didn’t take any offence. Then they served up food – delicious food – and helped themselves to wine, and kept groping me and saying annoying things and laughing when I told them to fuck off. Again.

Then … the best bit … they stopped with the groping and enquries and gave me presents!

What I love best about friends, is that they get you stuff you really need. They have no hesitation in handing over a pack of nappies or box of wipes and having no doubts that it makes the best present ever! They’re not worried you will think they are unimaginative, nor do they have to get the latest Osh Kosh outfit that will only be worn once (if ever – because you don’t put grubby kids in good expensive clothes) before they grow out of them to impress you or anyone else.

They get what its like, and what is gonna make your life most easy.

And that is what I love about friends.

(That, and they just laugh at you when you tell them where to go!)

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