Thank you for your helpfulness

Dear everyone at Coles,

Thank you for smiling at my toddler, with an adoring look on your face as you passed him.

Also, than you for your “he’s so cute” and “isn’t he gorgeous?” comments as you passed me.

Yes, you know that moment you passed him, a good isle-length ahead of me, and felt it appropriate to pass the “cute” comment as I’m racing up the isle after him, yelling “COME BACK!” Remember then?

Oh, yes, and at that moment where my husband and middle son where relieving the Sample Ice Cream Lady of her wares, resulting in the purchase of ice cream that I would never have purchased otherwise.

I know a toddler racing up the isle going “bip bip bip” (whatever the hell that is) is “cute” and I’m well aware of his gorgeousness, thakn you very much. The fact that you think so is really very much beyond my giving a fuck, as, quite frankly, I was wearing the wrong bra at the time and chasing him up the isle was just … wrong!

My apologies to security if you happened to be watching the cameras at the time.


Pissed of Mamma!

Later on that evening, after consuming bowls of ice cream of a flavour we wouldn’t normally have, thanks to escapades of toddler and husband at the supermarket, toddler was more grumpy than usual. No apparent fever, but I did notice his glands were up.

In his utmost helpfullness, Grumpy did try to aid me with determining what to do.

“How come you never notice when my gland is up?”

Yes, thank you very much. Hilarious.

Really not sure how I’m going to properly check Chippie’s temperature, what with me being doubled over laughing and all …

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