That Damn Tooth Fairy Again!

The Tooth Fairy is late again.

Not in a menstrual sense.

Although …maybe …

No, in the sense that the self-extracted tooth was placed ever so gently in a (good, not to be used for teeth) glass filled with (far too much ) water, awaiting the arrival of the Tooth Fairy and for the replacement of the tooth with a single, gold coin some two nights ago.

Grumblings were had by boy-child, who then attempted to have his say about what the Tooth Fairy should be leaving in place of a tooth.

“I’d really like a Skylander,” he said, telling me the name of said Skylander, knowing I have said Skylander sitting on my desk awaiting his exceptional behaviour and whose name went entirely in of my ears and out the other.

“Tooth Fairies only do one dollar,” I replied.

“No,” he says. “I read a book where this kid got an emu egg from the Tooth Fairy.”

“Well, maybe I … um, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t

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